Random Game Art (Not Mine): Another World Poster

OK, I’m stupidly busy playing a bunch of games in my to-do queue (including of of the biggest surprises of the year, VBlank’ Games’ spectacular and hilarious Retro City Rampage for the Vita & PS3, coming soon to more platforms – BUY IT! ) and getting some Holiday Gift Guide products reviewed, but I may as well give you something to look at, so here you go: A lovely piece of art done for the classic PC game Another World (or Out of This World if you live in North America). For some reason, this game popped into my head (probably due to reading p a few too many posts about adventure games making a comeback this year when they never really disappeared in the first place) and I did a quick search to see if there was a site still up for this classic. Turns out there is and if you’re running WIndows XP, you can get a nice demo of that version to try out. It’s one of the all-time great (and hard!) adventure games that still brings back some find memories for me. OK, enough wistful nostalgia – back to the salt mines. Lots of updates to come this weekend!

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