Max Team’s Monster World RPG: Taking A Sega Classic To The Next Level

While I do play a LOT of fan-made games paying homage to classics of the 8 and 16-bit eras, Max Team’s Monster World RPG project is one of the better works in progress I’ve seen to date. Initially released as a simple RPG Maker 2003 passion project back in 2005, the game has since been reworked into a much more polished game worthy of being put onto a Sega Genesis cartridge. Even though it’s far from the flashiest game made with the ancient game creation software, the dedication to replicating the specific look of the MW games while turning it into a turn-based RPG with an active time battle system out of the Final Fantasy games is on point and the nostalgic vibe works perfectly. The two hard working guys behind this free RPG, Massimo and Fernando, met up about a year after Massimo completed the first version of the game and needed help in expanding the game further.

As you can see above, the older version of the game wasn’t bad at all and in fact, had a number of excellent things going for it. Yes, it was a wee bit heavy on the RTP usage, but those familiar sprites and other visual elements helped make the game feel like a proper MW side story. The new game so far looks a lot bigger in scope and definitely more visually impressive, matching the look of the Monster World games even more. Sure, it will seem weird to some die-hards who might have wanted a fan-made sequel with the exact same gameplay as previous entries in the series, but I think it’s great when someone manages to make a game like MW work just as well as a top-shelf JRPG. Right now, it looks as if this won’t be completed until 2013, but I say click on over to the game’s website (if you haven’t already), check out the demos, screens and movies and go mark your calendar if you like what you see.

Sega may have forgotten about this series for good these days, but it’s most certainly doing well here, thanks to a pair of creative fellows inspired by Westone’s superb set of games. More on this one as news turns up…

2 thoughts on “Max Team’s Monster World RPG: Taking A Sega Classic To The Next Level

  1. Excellent! This is a very cool find. Thanks for sharing this.
    I have always loved Wonder Boy; from from his simple side scrolling roots to his action RGP awesomeness 🙂
    At first it did strike me a odd to make a Monster World turn based RPG but it’s not far off from what the game evolved into before SEGA left him behind.
    We should suggest to Max Team that they start a KickStarter project to get this game on a Genesis/Mega Drive cartridge once they’ve finished it. That would be outstanding.

    I’m looking forward to trying out Monster World RPG once it’s one!


    • I’d say that even though a cart version would be cool, it’s going to be a near impossibility for these guys to get approval for a game that’s based on something they don’t own. Sure, WB is a dead franchise, but there are all sorts of pesky legal issues that crop up with stuff like this. That and from what I’ve discovered, a lot of indie developers do this for their love for a particular game and don’t want to take money for their work (other than small donations to keep working on the free version of their games).

      Me, I’m more of a mercenary and think people who work this hard should be paid a lot more, but that’s because I’ve been burned in the past in working for people who screwed me over after doing a ton of work and never seeing a dime or not being paid what I was promised.


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