Random Indie Game of the Week: Fable of Heroes: Legendary Edition

Yep, another week, another really cool RPGmaker.net game. This time, it’s the fun and challenging throwback by user Dustsoft, Fable of Heroes: Legendary Edition. Although it’s got a pretty basic plot and characters straight out of RPG central casting, that’s exactly what makes it work for me. Amusingly enough, the game is noted as a throwback to the NES and SNES days, but many of the art assets used from the RTP look straight out of Shining Force in terms of the color palette, buildings, map tilesets and even the light, happy music in the starting village. Granted, the Genesis was lousy at decent fog and transparency effects as seen in some areas here, but I had a big Sega smile on my face while playing this one, that’s for sure…

What’s cool about his game is not only is it an excellent use of the RPG maker 2000 RTP (with what looks like only a few changes), the game also plays like a great turn-based JRPG from back in the day.  Everything from the deliberate walking speed of your party (it’s not too slow or too fast), the need to level grind early on in order to survive and the ton of hidden stuff to track down all feel right. I’ll have to complain a little about the near dark to pitch blackness used in some dungeons, as my poor eyeballs were hurting after about 10 minutes of dinking about in the dark looking for treasures and a magic key. Thankfully, that spelunking was worth it. The game also packs in a more than decent number of side quests, some of which you’ll only get from talking to certain people and not turning them down when the subject comes up.

And of course, like too many RPG Maker games, there are some spelling and grammatical errors in the text that make me shake my fists at any school system out there for not pounding dictionary and thesaurus usage into their charges. Not to single out this game exclusively  (it’s FAR from the worst offender) but after playing so many RPGM titles that suffer from simple to complex issues with English, this is something that needs to be seriously addressed on the the site’s forums one of these days. Nevertheless, FoH: LE packs in about 15 or so hours of content (Dust says about 10, but that’s not quite true for an old grinder like me) and will add a near-perfect nostalgic air to your hard drive.  Still… I do wonder why it’s called “Legendary Edition” though.  Is that an in-joke I missed or was there a standard edition I haven[t seen yet? Inquiring minds want to know, even if the answer is a dirt simple one…

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