The Maze of Galious: How Fan-Made Games Should Be Done


I’ve played and still play a lot of fan-made games and while many are really great, too many are trying to masquerade as unofficial side stories or sequels that fail to do justice to their source materials. On the other hand, sometimes a remake is the best way to go if you’re new to a certain classic you may never have heard of before.

An excellent example can be found over at Santi Ontañón’s Brain Games.  Hop on over for a visit and you’ll find some really cool remakes of classic Konami PC and console games that aren’t (surprise!) Castlevania, Contra, Metal Gear or other games you’d expect. Fortunately, Konami had many other games that became fan favorites outside of those three cash cows and the  amount of care that went into these updated versions is quite impressive. Of all the games there, I currently love The Maze of Galious (aka Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious), a tough side-scrolling action game with a few minor RPG elements that some have called one of Konami’s best games ever.

As I haven’t yet finished the game myself, I can’t say much other than so far, it’s definitely really good (and really hard at times). This remake features a few different custom graphics that can be toggled through as you play (including the original MSX version), some excellent tunes and you’ll definitely want to read up on how to solve a few of the game’s trickier mysteries, as things can get baffling if you aren’t paying attention. If you like MoG and want more, there are some other nifty remakes on the site to check out and they’re all free to download and play at your leisure.

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