The Man of Steel Teaser Trailers: Snyder Does Malick. Or Something Like That…

I’m gathering Zack Snyder has been listening hard to criticisms leveled against his films and some elements of his directorial style certain vocal fans dislike. Either that or he’s been watching Terence Malick’s exquisitely mind-blowing The Tree of Life one too many times while eating bowl after bowl of Corn Flakes and reading a Ralph Lauren catalog shot by Bruce Weber. Anyway, these new Man of Steel teasers manages to be vague, impressive and inspiring all without coughing up a single spoiler or explosion. That said, I’m hoping the final film has a wee bit more color in it, as this sort of bleached out look in movies is fading fast (har har). With plenty of time to go before the Summer 2013 release, here’s to more revealing and intriguing future trailers that don’t give away a thing while managing to be equally thrilling.

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