DREDD 3D Trailer: It’s Got The Look Down, So My Fingers Are Uncrossed…

Very nice stuff here, but I still want “I Am The Law” confirmed, no matter what it costs to get that song playing over the end credits. Anyway, I like that the trailer instantly reminded me of some of the comics in terms of the tone and visual style, Dredd keeps his mask ON throughout and it looks as if it will be dark to the core with not much in the way of stupid comic relief. Yes, like a few other folks out there, I was reminded of The Raid: Redemption (what with the plot point about a small force trapped inside a huge building packed with people wanting to kill them), but I’m smart enough to know this is an OLD theme that’s been done many times and goes back to the days of classic movie westerns. Which means you can tell the “aha!” crowd Internet to shut it with the lazy “rip-off” chatter. This one looks good, so let’s see what else they’ve got…


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