Risen 2: Dark Waters PC Launch Trailer: Hi, Seas! Adventure!

I really liked the first Risen quite a lot, even though it wasn’t the best looking game out there in terms of a PC to console port. Once you got used to the challenging combat system and started exploring the rather large and deadly island, the game was quite a nice surprise (and definitely not a short RPG experience). I’d imagine the first game sold well enough on PC to get this more seafaring sequel, just released on PC and coming in late July for PS3 and Xbox 360. I definitely want to see how the console versions have turned out, as my creaky old rig is on it’s last legs as far as playing any new games.

6 thoughts on “Risen 2: Dark Waters PC Launch Trailer: Hi, Seas! Adventure!

  1. I’m a HUGE Gothic fan and ever since JoWood killed Gothic (with Arcania) I turned to Piranha Bytes new IP Risen. I really enjoyed Risen a lot and I know I’ll also love Risen 2.
    I’m still hoping that Piranha Bytes will do something with Gothic again. Gothic is by far my favorite RPG ever.


    • This sequel should be pretty cool – the first game I liked from the first time I saw it at a press event because it felt like a Gothic game. I hated Arcania’s storytelling and lame hero, but liked the gameplay and some of the more amusing side quests that had funny dialog. I consider it an odd spin-off and not an actual Gothic game, but don’t tell anyone I said that…


      • Maybe Arcania would have been an ok game. But the fact that it was supposed to be Gothic 4 really put me off. It was a cash grab. It’s linear with one area after the next and has none of what made Gothic 1-3 an awesome experience for me.
        But moving forward I also expect Risen 2 to be great.


      • I see it this way: all the effort put into the game (or nearly any game) shouldn’t be completely dismissed if the end result has SOME merit. For me, warts and all, Arcania is more like a much lesser side story taking place in the same world than a game that perfectly follows what came before, and I’m OK with that. I

        t’s not like oh, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest on the SNES, which still boggles my mind as to how silly it is compared to other FF games. On the other hand, if you replay it and think of it as a totally unconnected adventure, it’s not so bad and in fact, is a lot of fun.

        One key to enjoy more games (even stuff you didn’t like the first time) is to let some stuff go and try and enjoy something for what it is. There were people who hated or didn’t even want to play Risen because it wasn’t a Gothic game, which cracked me up because as soon as you fire it up, you see it’s very much the same in many respects. I had a similar discussion with a friend who’s been on the rampage against the new DmC not having the same Dante as before, but I think he’s calmed down a bit thanks to a bit of perspective.

        That said, as there’s no Arcania 2 on the horizon as far as I know, maybe we’ll see the Gothic franchise drift back to what’s left of the team that created it. On the other hand, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is more than enough awesomeness to make you forget about Gothic completely, as it’s definitely one of the best RPGs I’ve played in a long while…


  2. I hear ya… and I really did give Arcania a chance. I played a lot of it and I never warmed up to it. Arcania plays a lot like Kingdoms of Amalur but it’s not where near as good. Kingdoms of Amalur is a good solid casual action RPG. Arcania is not very good… at all… it sucks… I can’t get over what JoWood did. They kill Gothic. I’m biased (yet still reasonable) and I’m sticking to it! 😀
    Yes, The Witcher 2 is an excellent game. It rocks!
    I also started playing Risen 2 and I’m about 2 hours in. Great game so far. If you liked Risen you’ll find something here that’s even more polished.


    • Well, I tried, lol. I just got a laugh because if you look at the package art, ARCANIA is much bigger than Gothic 4, so I’d say that even the dev team knew they weren’t living up to what was expected. As a by the book RPG, it’s far from the worst I’ve played (I can rattle off a bunch of games that were much more unfocused and/or undercooked), but yeah, I’ll agree that it’s not at all what a Gothic game should have been. Still, series HAVE been rebooted after failures, so there’s that to hope for one day.

      Oh, Risen 2 is definitely on my list of stuff to play, so no worries there…


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