Will Someone Do An Anvil of Dawn Kickstarter Project Already? Seriously.

The late, lamented New World Computing developed and/or published a number of great PC games back in the day including the classic Might & Magic series, but for me, DreamForge Intertainment’s 1995 MS-DOS first-person RPG was one of the most memorable titles the company was involved with (outside of the franchise they’re more well known for). The game was a single-player real time action game that allowed you to choose one of five characters and play him or her as they set out into the rather deadly dungeons in and around the land of Tempest seeking out the titular Anvil.

I loved how the character you chose ended up meeting up with the others you didn’t as the game progressed, the traps and puzzles mixed in with the combat and the multiple endings based on who you chose to play as. I’ve always wanted to see this one remade at some point (even though I still own the original game) and now with all this Kickstarter fury going strong, I’d say it’s time some dev team with members who remember this classic set out to reboot it for PC and perhaps consoles and other devices. Hell, I’m even willing to do some character or environment art if needed. In case you didn’t know, I can draw a little and I do like my RPGs old school. Anyway, someone out there, get on this and get back to me. I’d actually love to be playing this before I get TOO old and grey…


3 thoughts on “Will Someone Do An Anvil of Dawn Kickstarter Project Already? Seriously.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Anvil of Dawn is my go to game when I feel like reminiscing on my childhood. Hopefully when the Grimrock level editor comes out, something can be put together, with the right team of course.


    Look under Jonathan Riccardi for a preview soon under youtube.
    I’m already working on the characters


    • You may want to check and see if Ubisoft (who I think may own the IP now) will approve of this, as there’s nothing worse than putting hard work into a fan project only to see it shut down because of a cease & desist order. Otherwise, this sounds cool…


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