Rainbow 6 Patriots Trailer Is Disturbing Stuff (But UbiSoft Is Intentionally Going For That Vibe)

While I’m not the biggest fan of the Tom Clancy games, UbiSoft’s upcoming Rainbow 6 Patriots managed to get my eyebrow up (and interest piqued) a bit higher than it normally goes. The whole idea of a game revolving around home-grown terrorists taking on the government as well as the big banks is intriguingly innovative, yet is also clearly going to ruffle some feathers amongst a few non-gaming TV talking heads. who often turn to games as a sign of all things evil when they need a quick ratings rush. This should be  especially true once they get wind of the game not being made here in the U.S. of A. at all. Hell, I’ll beat real money that there will be some terminally stupid (and mildly offensive) comments made about UbiSoft being based in France or Canada (popular targets for conservative commentators when they need a scapegoat for certain things). Or worse,  expect nonsense stories about the game being made by people trying to capitalize on the current “war of terror” idiocy (that, not so amusingly enough makes for good ratings and lots of fear-mongering on that side of the media). Of course, the game will most likely be really good, but I’ll wait and see for some hands-on time before I pass any judgments. In the meantime, the Murdoch papers are going to have a field day with this one (although they’re ones to talk with all the real-life and far more serious scandals they’ve got going on)…

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