Hey, Sony! Here’s How To Make Vita Memory Cards Less Of a Knife In The Wallet…

With the announcement of prices for the PS Vita’s proprietary memory cards getting a lot of gamers up in arms (despite Sony recently stating that they’re not set in stone), I figure I may as well add my two cents here in order to help smooth things out a bit. There’s a simple solution Sony can use to quell some of that anger and get a few consumers to snap up multiple cards in the process. If the cards haven’t been produced yet, Sony can (and should) add a few free PSPminis to them as bonus content at retail or for those who have PSN accounts, add a voucher redeemable for their choice of minis as DLC when they register their card online. As we’re in the age where people want something extra when they spend what they feel is a lot of money on something they feel is overpriced, I’d say a bit of a reward for their loyalty (even though there’s not a cheaper third party solution in sight) will go a long way. 

As to what games to put on these cards or make available as free content, maybe divide the minis into categories users can choose from as opposed to sticking random games on the card they won’t play. Granted, this would be hard to do at retail unless there was some way for stores such as GameStop to create custom cards on-site using a list of titles customers can select online or in-store when reserving a Vita and pick up with the system on launch day and beyond. I’m thinking of the great Super Famicom download stations that were in Japan for a few years where gamers could purchase blank game cartridges and pay to download games onto them while they waited. This could also give non-PSN users still without high-speed home connections the opportunity to purchase any non-retail content day and date with PSN users (which would be great for a few bottom lines, I’d imagine).

By the way, there’s no charge for the idea – I’ve got a million of them here, so feel free to reach out if you’re interested in more…

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