GTA V Reveal Trailer: Yes. And Yes, Indeed.

For the hell of it, I stuck it on my lower-traffic blog even though it’s not really “Mature”. I hate the ESRB’s goofy, puritanical and needless restrictions on this stuff, by the way. I’;; rant about that some other time, though. Anyway, Well, well, well. And who DIDN’T think the trailer wouldn’t be spectacular stuff. Expect to hear some news at or around E3 time, if not before. If I really HAD to venture a release date guess, maybe holiday 2012? As for the rumors of a download-only GTA V, I hope the hell not, given that 100 percent of GTA players probably don’t all live in areas with stable (or any) broadband connections. One reason this rush to digital-only stuff is so annoying to me. Hell, that and who doesn’t want that usual big color map and manual combo. My suggestion to Rockstar: do a standard retail edition and make a TRULY limited collector’s edition as a DIRECT purchase from an online shop you set up. Keep the production run reasonable (take pre-orders so you know how many to produce ), make them worth the price and once they’re gone, that’s that.


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