Sherlock Holmes vs Jack The Ripper To Stalk 360 in April

Looks as if the adventure game on home consoles isn’t quite dead after all. Thanks to Dreamcatcher and The Adventure Company, Xbox 360 owners will get their hands on Frogware’s Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper on April 20, 2010 for a mere $29.99.

The game is a port of the 2009 PC version (which garnered pretty decent reviews overall) and features first and switchable first and third-person perspectives, detailed environments based on actual locations around London and more investigating than you can shake a walking stick at. Here’s a quick peek at a few screens as well as a little bit of info on what to expect in the final version:

Game Overview:


A horrible series of crimes are uncovered in the East End district of London. The police have no serious leads and the heinous murders continue. Take on the role of Sherlock Holmes as you set out to find clues in the dark, gloomy streets of London searching for the macabre trail of the one known as Jack the Ripper.


During this terrifying adventure, Sherlock will attempt to shed some light on the mystery that shrouds the identity and motive of the ghastly killer…

Sure, the game has no explosions, DLC, multiplayer modes or fast-paced action sequences that might cause you to break an controller into bits. Nevertheless, anyone who craves a more brain-twisting set of puzzles and a well-scripted mystery that combines Arthur C. Doyle’s classic crime cracker and one of history’s most memorable real-life murderers will be more than pleased, particularly if the 360 version is as well done as the original. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

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