Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Ship Date, Awesome Pre-Order T-Shirt Revealed

Leave it to Capcom to go and cook up one of the coolest, craziest pre-order T-shirts I’ve ever seen (beating even that insanely groovy tie-dyed Raz T-shirt from Psychonauts) and they know it. Gamers who pre-order Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for the Wii from GameStop will receive a ridiculously versatile T that, when pulled over the head, turns into an instant zombie disguise.

The T’s were first introduced at this year’s San Diego Comic-con and of course, the killer reaction from the crowds meant more gamers will get the chance to nab one of these goodies. It’s goofy… but really effective at first glance, as you’ll see below:


Hmmm… As cool as the T-shirt is, of course, the downside chronicles here will be all the folks who decide to use them for Thriller flash mobs from here on in instead of doing their own makeup… but I digress.

No Wii? No problem! You can either buy one of these tees right off Capcom’s online store right now for $24.95 or WIN one from a bunch of gaming/tech websites. Not here, though (sorry) – hit the Google and do your own research – I need all the traffic I can get! Unless, of course Capcom decides to let me in on the giveaway action. Heck, I love giving stuff away! By the way, the game’s official website is alive and kicking, offering gamers a small chunk of the Resident Evil 2 portions of Darkside complete with gameplay info, videos and more.

Want more? OK: Because Capcom loves you RE fans dearly (and hell, I seem to love linking as many things as possible in my posts, so it’s all good), the company has also revealed cool Twitter pages for the game’s principals, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, so definitely check those out if you’re a die hard devotee of the 140-worder. Additionally, there’s a brand new new Resident Evil Nostalgia Diaries post that sets their custom-crafted Wayback Machine to the days of Resident Evil 2 and RE: Code Veronica, both part of The Darkside Chronicles package. Go check it out.

Meanwhile, here are a few screens and a lot more CG movie stills from the game. Note: the “bloodier” images will go up on my alternate “Adult Content” site this weekend.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles hits retail on November 17, 2009. Back with more info and images on the game as they come in. And hey, Capcom…. what’s up with the Mystery Lady???

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