Wabi-Sabi Cat Episode 1: The (Somewhat Zen) Piano Lesson


Who’d have thought bananas were really good for cats? As you can see above, a tiny slip has a great deal of appeal for our fine feline friend on a recent trip to the big city. Yes, I am full of (rather obvious) puns today. Before we get to the obvious moral here, it’s nice that Wabi-Sabi Cat wasn’t turned into a Keyboard Cat because (s)he’s much better as a reminder that life has its ups and downs and picking oneself up after a spill so we can forge ahead is the best way to live.

Oh, wait- I just gave the moral away before the end of this post. Oops. Anyway, you look as if you could use a little Wabi-Sabi in your life right about now. Go get some, I say…


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