Holiday Gift Guide 2014: DuneCraft – Plant Life!

gift_guide_2014If you’ve got a green thumb, know someone who does or want to sharpen up your plant-raising skills past simple watering, there’s nothing like getting something fun to grow as a gift. Any time of the year is great to receive something potted or packaged, but you know you’re here because you’re looking for something seasonally gift-worthy.

Personally, I love growing and experimenting with assorted plants from cacti to whatever peppers I can raise in the sunny windows here during spring to early fall. So the idea of getting or giving something I’ve raised from seed or a small plant has always been something I like doing. Of course, not everyone has the patience or sunlight to appreciate gardening indoors or out. But if you’re one of those people who do or love learning to, here are a few suggestions you may find appealing…

Amazing Dinosaur Plant Fairy Triad Mini Desertscape Zombie Farm Carnivorous Creations Culinary Herb Garden Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Sprout and Grow Greenhouse - Coffee Organic Veggies - Hot Peppers

Anything from DuneCraft! With about 300 products and counting, DuneCraft’s mixture of grow it yourself seed and plant kits plus a plethora of fun learning and science gift ideas make buying for almost any age as easy as pie. Founded by Grant Cleveland (a direct descendant of Grover Cleveland!) about a dozen years ago, the company has grown and continues to be a fine source in unique and innovative products, the bulk of which are made in the USA. Grab an Amazing Dinosaur Plant ($7.99) and even that guy you know with the black thumb who can kill a cactus will get a grin on because it’s hard to do in a 290 million year old evergreen. or snap up the Mini Desertscape ($14.99), which features a glass terrarium and five types of cacti to raise.

While not exclusively a “girl’s” item, the Fairy Triad ($24.99) is an excellent way for kids to grow and learn about flowering plants. Of course, getting boys or girls a Zombie Farm ($24.99) will also get them interested in planting and keeping what they plant alive and kicking. Both kits come with limited edition Notchsters, the collectable 3D figures the company also sells. Okay, so real plants don’t exactly kick, but if you’re in the mood for even more interesting plants, you’re covered. You can buy a number of carnivorous plants from DuneCraft including the Carnivorous Creations mix (24.99) if you don’t mind feeding them once they’re ready for a little bite.

Speaking of eating, edible plants are also on the menu with some affordable gifts that again, just about anyone can grow. From the Culinary Herb Garden ($24.99) and the Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms ($19.99) kits to the Organic Veggies line, there’s bound to be something you’ll want for a gift as well as yourself. Personally, I’m curious about the Sprout and Grow Greenhouse Coffee kit ($9.99), but I don’t think I can wait long enough for that future pot of joe to grow. The idea of picking fresh beans is certainly attractive enough, but I’d need to read up a lot more on the roasting process, as I’m a better maker of coffee than a preparer of harvested beans.

Seed Bombs B and B Mixture Seed Bombs Tasty Herb Mixture Seed Stones Happy Cat Plant

Finally, if you prefer the Johnny Appleseed route of randomly seeding the outdoors or planting a garden of randomness, DuneCraft’s Seed Bombs ($4.99 to 19.99) and Seed Stones ($7.99) may be right up your alley. Or over someone’s property line, you urban landscaper, you. Toss a few of these into the soil and with proper help from nature, you’ll see those wildflowers, grasses or herbs sprouting up for all to admire. Or you can just use them in your own garden or sunny window to bring some brightness to your place. I bet that if you decide to bomb that catnip outdoors, you’ll get every feline in the neighborhood in jamboree mood as they make a beeline for wherever you’ve tossed that seed or stone. Anyway, happy gifting and don’t be surprised if someone calls you “Seedy” after you’ve given a few presents out. It’s most likely a compliment!

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