Got A Camera? Get A Miggo. It’s That Simple.

Grip_and_Wrap_Mirrorless_Lenses Grip_and_Wrap_DSLR_Lenses

Logo_Miggo_circle_white_on_blueBecause I’m not a camera phone person, I sort of feel like a pariah when I see all those hip kids whipping out their phones, tablets and whatever else they have that they’ve overpaid for with a lens attached to it. granted, phone cameras HAVE indeed come a long way from their not so hot beginnings and yes, there are plenty of budding to pro shutterbugs that have taken many a classic shot with one of those things.

Me, I love the feeling of a CAMERA doing its thing in my hands or someone with a much better eye, so it’s great to see a product like Miggo around to make me want to carry my camera out into the wild and strut around proudly. Granted, you don’t have to even try to stand out with a Miggo wrapped around your camera. Just whipping out yours to take a photo is enough to get tongues wagging and maybe a few phone/phab/tab-only photogs glancing greenly in your direction…

Available in Strap and Wrap and Grip and Wrap styles, Miggo is a great protective camera holder that allows you to protect your investment while making it faster to get those shots. Made of neoprene and Lycra and currently available in seven color or print variants, it lets you show off your camera in a new way while protecting it from damage.  I got a Grip and Wrap to play around with and my time field testing it led to some fun results of the occasional tourist or local with their own camera walking up to ask what that “bag” was I had my camera in and where could they buy one. The usual response was along the lines of “Oh, that’s cool!” followed by a request to touch or inspect it and a “Does it have a tripod attachment?” as I handed it over. Yes, it does. And a wrist strap so you don’t drop your camera. AND a handle to carry that camera once you’re all done.

Yes, it’s a short review, but some products sell themselves without much prattling on and point to point comparisons with competing brands. Miggo does what it does and does it well enough (and stylishly enough) that it’s target audience is pretty much everyone who still takes pictures the “old fashioned” way and wants something affordable, simple and just plain functional without a ton of needless options. Get one and tell someone else to get one. Or get a few and make your fellow shutterbugs happy campers when they step out to point and shoot…


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