Funko’s Hikari Friday Giveaway Continues (This Time, It’s A Double Shot Of Turtles!)

Hikari logoFunko is upping the chances to win one of their Hikari Japanese Vinyl figures this week with TWO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vinyls up for grabs.

As you probably know (or in case you didn’t), Leonardo was the first figure they gave away two weeks back, so it only makes sense that Raphael and Donatello get gifted at some point, each to ONE lucky random winner. Remember, there will only be 500 of these made and you could win the first off the line for that collection of yours.

Hikari Raphael
Yeah, yeah, there’s one more Turtle to go, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Anyway, to enter, just hit up one of Funko’s facebook page and look for those grimacing Turtles glaring back at you, enter and keep those fingers crossed. A winner could be YOU! Or me, if I luck out. I don’t ask for much these days now, do I? Hmmm.. maybe they should give Michael Bay one of these so he knows what a Ninja Turtle SHOULD look like!

Hikari Donatello


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