Man, It’s COLD Outside. Arnold? Do Your Thing…

Ah, thanks man! You’re always there when I need ya, pal… Wait, what? Did you say “LIFT” and not “LIVE”? Hey! You got one of the best damn lines you’re world famous for wrong, dude. Oh, wait… I get it. You’re doing yet ANOTHER charity event. Oh great, now instead of getting a rescue and a ride home in that choppa, I get to go allll the way out to Califoirnia just to see you ham it up for a good cause:

*Sigh* I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. Arnold, you’re a total nut. But you’re kind of OK, warts and all. Now fly me home already. It may be a freezing hell in NYC, but at least we have no drought to deal with (er, yet)…

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