Arnold Is Still Horsing Around, But He’s Got Tanks-giving On His Plate…

Arnold_Product_2.0Hey Arnold! Next time you’re in public and doing something goofy, tell or yell to the people shooting at you with phones to TURN THE DAMN PHONE SIDEWAYS. These awful phone videos shot in tall form need to be squashed out of habit (despite the crappy way phone cameras are set up) and YOU, sir can be the vanguard for setting things straight. So, why am I even caring about this?

Well, Der Ah-nuld is doing something pretty darn cool with that tank he owns for charity and I think some of you might want to pony up ten bucks and see what happens. Me, I’m not a cigar smoker at all, but put me in a tank and I’ll be trying to drive it back to NYC with Arnold running after me and screaming like Conan falling down a flight of old dusty crypt stairs. Or perhaps he’d yell “Get to the choppa!!” to some assistants as he ran over to whatever other vehicle he had nearby to start the chase. Hmmm… I wonder who’s going to do the music for this little (and very short) movie I’m planning on should I win? Of course, I also wonder how I look in a modern orange jumpsuit or with prison stripes like some old cartoon? I’ll of course also wonder how much a good lawyer costs and so forth and so on, but if I can sell the movie rights to my unplanned escapade, I think I’ll be fine with that. They better NOT get some no-name chump to play me, that’s for sure…

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