Stuff You Can’t Unsee: So Much For Good Star Wars Memories…

argh wars

Eep, Opp, Ork, Ugh. To quote a certain dark Jedi, NOOOOOOOOOO!

OK, I automatically shut down the thought of even looking at any images or reading up on a lot of info when George Lucas sold off Star Wars to Disney, but this picture popped up in an email I got the other day and it made me laugh and cringe simultaneously because a few years back it would have been someone really good with Photoshop who cooked this up and not the reality it’s turned out to be…


Anyway, I guess we’ll see what happens when those yearly Star Wars flicks start dropping into theaters like clockwork and there’s the inevitable Disney character-packed Star Wars Adventures cartoon followed up by the even more inevitable licensed goodies that will rake in the billions from wide-eyed fans (some of whom would have stormed Skywalker Ranch just to keep the series from going on the block). I do have to wonder now if those new SW flicks will only get home video releases and stay off of cable and network TV (save for any Disney channels, of course) for a while just so Disney can be the sole beneficiary of any profits from these films, but I guess we’ll see what’s what in a few years.

Or not. My hopes on these new movies being great is dim, but I do so hate over-speculation (which means I’ll shut the hell up and wait).

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