An Update Before An Actual Update? Yeah, That’s How I Roll…

Pee-Wee-MeeThat’s right, it’s ALL about ME today, grrr! OK, troops, listen up! I’m totally pooped from my Adventure Time today with D3Publisher of America’s holiday games lineup, but I’ll have more complete impressions tomorrow along with a few other TGS stories (only stuff I care about, as the show seem kind of weak this year in terms of content despite some super nice surprises).

“Whyyyyy?” You ask? Well, dears, my sleep meter is depleted and I’m in need of some nice rest for a change instead of staying up too late with a controller in my hands (or a keyboard under them). ZzzZZZz*…wha, Wait! Not yet, Sleepyhead! Anyway, the company has a relatively small lineup this holiday season and beyond, but it’s a bunch of real winners and here there be sleepers. And YES, you Earth Defense Force 2025 fans out there – the bugs bugging the Japanese PS3 version are being squashed (feel free to cheer at your leisure). Back with more tomorrow. Good Night!

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