RoboCop Poster: Black Is The New Black (Plus a “Related” Dog Story)…


Sometimes You Get It, Sometimes You Don’t Department: About a month back I’m walking to the subway from a press event and there’s this guy walking a cute bulldog (well, cute for a bulldog) who stops at a traffic light while a big truck is trying to turn the corner. As I stroll up next to them and wait the minute or so it’ll take the truck to make the turn, a gal in a nice summer dress pops out of a store, walks up to the guy and starts chatting about his dog, asking if she could pet it. He says “Sure!” and while she’s doing so, she looks up and asks “What’s your dog’s name?” The guy looks down and says “Murphy” and yes, I let out a huge laugh. The guy looks over at me as I’m recovering and I ask “Robocop?, to which HE starts cracking up. “Yeah, yeah…” Of course, as we’re having our chuckle, the gal is looking at us and not quite getting it. Right at that moment, the truck finished negotiating the turn and I noted to the guy that he might want to let the lady in on the reference before she thinks something crazy is going on. Of course, I had that Basil Poledouris theme playing in my head as I strolled off…

Oh yeah… nice poster, huh? I’m betting we’ll see a few more before this one’s ready for its close up.

4 thoughts on “RoboCop Poster: Black Is The New Black (Plus a “Related” Dog Story)…

  1. I know I’m being picky but the all black body armor kind of hides the details of his appearance. I think it would have looked good if they kept the same blue he use to be.
    That being said the trailer looks like this could be good 🙂 I really do like the look of ED-209.
    And I think Murphy is an excellent name for a dog!


    • Well, that original armor (or a variant of it) does appear in the film, according to a still I saw, so perhaps it gets wrecked and replaced by that black suit? We’ll see…

      And yeah, Murphy IS a good name for any pet. Although, anytime I hear that name, that theme music kicks in… ;^P


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