That Final Clock Is Ticking Away On Breaking Bad…

Yeah, yeah – I haven’t been posting a lot about these final eight episodes because hell, everyone else is and I really have nothing new to add that’s already been discussed. Anyway, if you know me, you also know that I absolutely HATE over-speculation about the stuff I watch and prefer going in cold for these shows (well, except for one spoiler-heavy review of tonight’s episode that really didn’t need to say so much, but I figured I’d read it and see how badly a spoiler-heavy review could be written). As for what happens after this, I’m actually hoping that’s that for BB despite Vince Gilligan wanting to give Bob Odenkirk’s corrupt (but hilarious) lawyer Saul Goodman his own spin-off show at some point in the future.

While I think Odenkirk can indeed carry a show (watching him through the past few seasons has been wonderful and I almost thought his number was up a few times, but he’s always weaseled out of trouble), without Walter White around to add that air of menace, it’s going to be a show about Saul and his other clients which actually might be good if Gilligan and his writing team can keep things in a similar dramatic/comic mix as BB. On the other hand, if it’s just a crazy client a week show or something that feels as if it’s running off fumes from BB’s success on AMC, it’ll fall flat and maybe last a season or two. I guess it also depends on if anyone from BB is still alive at the end of the final episode, as a cameo or first episode surprise in the new show might sweep in other skeptics who feel the same as I do.

Of course, Gilligan IS the Skipper here (and a damn fine one, at that), so whatever he decides, Saul is in good hands (and hell, he’d probably be relieved that his number one client isn’t around to give him fits whenever he calls on the phone or pops into his office unannounced)…

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