Odds ‘n Ends, DVD Division…

odds n ends OK, Some of these flicks have already been written up as Random Films of the Week here and I’ll eventually get to anything I haven’t put up a post about at some point. Yeah, yeah, Possession and Across 110th Street aren’t US-issued DVD’s, but both are really nice looking (and cheap) South Korean versions I stumbled upon while poking around eBay looking for other DVD’s. Oh, stop with the finger waggling, chief. Hell, try and find Possession (which NEEDS an new Blu-Ray/DVD combo release one of these days) for a decent price ans anything other than an overpriced beat up rental copy and well… good luck on that one.

An nope, I don’t do the streaming thing at all as I live with a crap connection and actually PREFER a physical disc. That and I prefer watching movies from a few feet away and not with my nose half a foot or less from a handheld screen. My old eyeballs can’t do that crap with movies on tiny screens and I’ll also be cooler than you hipsters and crazy kids with your dee-vices because I’ll be able to see better than you when you’re my age, ha ha…

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