Saturday Night Fever: The Cure For Monday Night Blahs…

(thanks, Alexandre Ribeiro!) 

SNFI was going to do Saturday Night Fever as a longer Random Film of the Week post, but my brain is still in the freezer after last week. Still, it’s on MSG later this evening and even with stupid commercials breaking up the action every few minutes I’m still going to watch it once again for my favorite scene.

Yeah, it’s yours, too – go on, admit it.

Watching that dance sequence above always cracks me up to no end while I’m blown away by Travolta basically turning himself into a human special effect and stuntman in a really surprising film that’s well worth seeing in its entirety if you’ve never done so. You’ll want to go with the R-rated version, as it’s more raw and effective that the later PG edit whipped out later by the studio to draw in even larger crowds. Granted, it still has a bunch of loose ends that never get resolved (I’d like to think that Tony’s brother left the priesthood then got called back to do an exorcism in a later film or something), but as a capsule of 1970’s era Brooklyn and the disco age, it’s a pretty outstanding movie that still holds up as a classic.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fever: The Cure For Monday Night Blahs…

  1. I can’t stand Tony’s friends who are down to a man the worst actors I’ve ever seen. It’s weird because the performances of just about everyone else are great. I’ve been meaning to track down isolated dance scenes on youtube to show my daughter.


    • Yeah, they’re pretty lousy… but I think that was a fun casting decision, as it makes them seem like guys they just grabbed off the street, handed a script and said “ACT!” to. “I’ll take Pretty bad stereotypical 70’s cliches for 200, Alex!” Yeah…

      Anyway, DEFINITELY look up some of the dance scenes that weren’t in the theatrical versions, as the version I saw last night had a few sequences I’d never seen before. TV edits add a “Disco Duck” dance at 2001 with Tony and that gal who wipes his brow (it’s pretty funny seeing Travolta doing the Robot!) and I think two or three other bits that were surprising. I think there’s already a compilation clip of all the dancing in the film on YouTube…


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