Humor: Watermelon Oreos: Only ONE Man Can Properly “Review” These…

(clip from opieradio

Yuk_CookiesIt just hit me once more (ha ha) as I still have that slimy frosting taste in my mouth that Nabisco, like too many other American food companies, have lost their collective minds over getting as much money from you as possible and giving you nothing in return but a bellyful of pain. We’re getting fat, lazy and sick from these guilty “pleasures” designed to act like narcotics once ingested as they slap and tickle the same pleasure centers and lead to addiction much in the same way any drug made to do so does all to well.

Of course, most folks will deny this as they have that 3am craving and boogie to the kitchen for their much more legal fix, but it’s the same “I can stop if I want to!” deal you hear from any addict when it comes to getting out of the fatty/sugary/salty hole you’ve fallen into. Anyway, buy these at your leisure (and/or peril) along with the other horrid “limited edition” Oreos while you can. I’ll be putting in a call to Gallagher and hoping he can clone himself. There are a LOT of Target stores to hit…


2 thoughts on “Humor: Watermelon Oreos: Only ONE Man Can Properly “Review” These…

    • Not my post,I hope… ;^P

      That’s not even the WORST of the Oreo varieties. I looked up a list and it’s mind-boggling how nasty they sound. It’s like buying soap or potpourri in cookie form…


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