Stop The Wayback Machine! Mr. Peabody & Sherman (and Rocky & Bullwinkle) Are Coming Back? Eeek.

The Old Gang File this entry in the “Wait, what?” Department. Hmmm… on ONE front, this is truly awesome news, as I’m as old as the hills and LOVE Jay Ward’s humor and these characters to death. That said, I’m all too curious as to just WHO the Hecuba this new comic series (and upcoming Dreamworks animated movie) are targeted at.

I’d bet only those very-oldsters like me and whatever college-agers who happen to get a knowing chuckle from the old cartoons will even give a damn, while the Generation “Why” kids that get dragged to this will be sitting there texting for an hour and a half or so. Or worse, sitting there with their arms folded with a cranky “I’m going to kill you in your sleep!” look on their ungrateful faces because some parental unit tried to get them to like something THEY loved as an impressionable kid or young adult.

Of course, I’m betting that instead of historical figures from the past we old folks learned about in school, IDW might tap into more modern and a lot less “historical” figures from pop culture or other time periods that, frankly speaking, won’t be as funny to mine for the old show’s offbeat (and intentionally incorrect) pokes. Ugh… now I have memories of that eyeball and brain searing take on The Three Stooges from a few years back…

Hey!, Let’s try an little experiment, Sherman (Yeah, that’s right, I’m Mr. Peabody around here): Get your kid or kids, plop them down in front of the monitor and have them watch the clip below. I’ll wait…

Did you notice a laugh issue forth? A cracked smile? A glare and threat to crack your smile across the face for interrupting their “social” time on facebook? I thought so. Well, that concludes our focus group for to-day. Scoot the little buggers out of the room and come sit down for another episode on me:

Of course, If I’m wrong and this set of comics and new film are all hits, I have some more frozen crow pies to chomp on. On the other hand, given that the last time we saw Rocky and Bullwinkle, it was in a really, REALLY bad (as in see it and your eyes will turn backwards in your skull) movie. Sure, the intentions were good and if you’re willing to forgive some icky CGI work (and Robert DeNiro as Fearless Leader), you may even laugh a few times. Nevertheless, these classic characters did much better in the context of the times they were created in and trying to alter that to fit an audience that won’t appreciate the humor is going to make for a hard sell to those of us cranky types who like our nostalgia non-updated for the short attention span crowd…

Then again, the even more dreadful Boris and Natasha made that flick above look like Citizen Kane, so I guess I should be more optimistic, right? I thought so. Or not, depending upon which way your heads are moving right about now. I guess we shall see (as always)…

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