DIRECTV’s Game of Thrones: The King’s Roadmap – Your Post-Game Activities Get A New Addition…

DirectTV_WesterosOK, usually I avoid tie-ins like this like the Black Death, but this is a really cool thing to check out. An interactive map of Westeros from the fine folks at DIRECTV where you can see locations and brief episode notes from previous seasons that gets updated as Season 3 progresses? Nice. I’m betting that there will be a few people who can’t even read a REAL roadmap turning into GoT experts within a few weeks.Or maybe even make the switch to the service over your current cable provider. Granted, you don’t HAVE to make that move in order to use this map at all (that would be a really sneaky ploy straight out of the House Lannister playbook), but this will most likely be a stop some fans will make on a weekly basis (which is always good for traffic).

Of course, the next time you’re out on the real road getting REALLY lost and the person in the seat next to you is making with the ribbing and riding, you can pretend you’re REALLY in the show and toss them out the nearest window. Er, just make sure to stop the car first, as trying to do this while driving is a bit tricky – that stuff only happens in the movies! Better yet, STOP the car, get out, walk on over to their door, politely open it and then ASK them to leave. Preferably in front of their home or a nice fast-food joint where they can thumb a ride home from a friendly trucker with nothing better to do. Hmmm. I wonder if Carmelo Anthony drives his own car?

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