Toy Fair 2013: Chains to Champions: Brick Warriors Go Board Game (And You Certainly Won’t Be Bored At All)…


Chains n Champions 1OK, I’ll admit it. I’d never heard of Brick Warriors until a few days before Toy Fair when a friend with a bigger ear to the playground who collects and tweaks his collection of miniatures asked me to check out the upcoming Chains to Champions board game the company was working on. It’s a good thing I decided to be a nice guy and drop on down to meet Ryan Hauge, Amanda Taylor and Rhonda Denny (the game’s lead playtester and most likely the company’s ringer if you ever end up playing against her for money), as the game is looking to be a ton of fun for minifigure fans across the globe. C to C is a gladiatorial combat game for two to six players (or one player with multiple personalities who wants to beat himself senseless at a board game) that’s easy to pick up, yet also highly challenging as you complete in card-based clashes for coin and customization upgrades.

From the catchy color scheme (BW’s familiar black and orange colors add a nicely festive atmosphere to the game in a sort of Halloween episode of Spartacus manner) to the cute yet deadly plastic weapons (the game is recommended for ages 14 and up), it was hard not to like the game immediately. Of course, Hauge and Taylor’s sunny personalities pulled me towards their booth where the game and accessories proceeded to hold my attention. In its current form, the game is extremely well designed and the overall quality of the packaging and toys is excellent.

As great as this looks (and Hague’s amusingly precise elevator pitch made me want to hand him my wallet – the man knows his product and audience), I can see a bigger, more expansive RPG coming down the pike (or at least a few plastic would-be Champion heads stuck to pikes), but I suppose that will depend on how well this does once it’s out. Granted, poke around the Brick Warriors site and forums and you’ll see some amazing minifigure dioramas and dramatic battle scenes created by some VERY talented and dedicated collectors (making that big RPG I’m thinking about almost an afterthought).

 Chains n Champions 2  Chains n Champions 4 Chains n Champions 3

Even if you don’t happen to have a shelf or shoebox filled with those little Lego dudes and dudettes, you can still get your arena action on as the game will come packed with four stand-in figures you can deck out in the cool gear you’ll find in the box and at the Brick Warriors online shop (or once the game is ready to go, handy standalone Warrior Packs you’ll be able to snap up at selected retail outlets. I think Hauge and company are looking at a late March official launch, but I’ll have to see what pops up in my inbox and let those of you not (yet) into the whole BW thing what’s what.

Could this board game be your new weekend obsession? Will your home soon fill up with hundreds of little legendary lugs and lugettes poking pointy poniards and other particularly pesky objects in each others general direction? Well, if anything, an army of well-armed Chains to Champions figures SHOULD keep the damn cat off the shelves, that’s for sure. Only time will tell, but I predict that may be a big fat “yes” for some of you looking for something really cool, collectible and more fun than you’d expect once you get to try it out for yourselves.

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