Drfitmoon Update: February 26 Release, New Camera Angle & More Cool News…

Hero With VelvetSlowly but surely I’ve been playing through Ville and Anne Mönkkönen’s fine and funny adventure/RPG hybrid, Driftmoon, and can safely say that it’s refreshingly retro as well as just plain fun to play. The game now has an official release date of February 26, 2013 (and it’s gog.com bound plus a few other places!) as well as a much requested adjustable camera angle which works amazingly well. I was against the idea for a while, but noticed that a few friends I showed the game to weren’t keen on the top-down POV even though they liked the visuals quite a lot. The new angle on things is adjustable down to a more Baldur’s Gate-like angle on things and looks great, which should get more people to want to try this one out.

Anyway, I also need to get a review done, so I’ve been avoiding the two mods I downloaded until that’s done. Hopefully, I’ll have that written up sometime within the next week as I’m also swamped in Toy Fair coverage and a bunch of other game previews and reviews. Of course, Driftmoon is next up on the review pile – I just need to finish the game and get to it. Unless it all falls apart past the point I’ve played (and I don’t expect it to at all), this one’s turning out to be one of my favorite indie games so far this year. Back in a bit…

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