Update! A4Tech G11 Wireless Mouse: From Simple to Super (With a Click of a Mouse)…

Oops. Since I was so crazy last year with suddenly having to move the site to a new host between November and December, I had a bunch of posts cooking that didn’t run in all that chaos and ended up saving about 15 completed and incomplete ones as drafts on a USB drive that I misplaced (I thought I’d left it at the library or a Starbucks nearby). Once I’d gotten word that I didn’t need to leave WordPress (whee!), I had to redo a bunch of those old posts, but with too much other new stuff flying in, I missed out on a few including this one (Oops). 

G11MouseAs noted in my earlier mini-review, I’m pretty pleased with the A4Tech G11-570HX  overall for general usage, art (yes, I draw with a mouse sometimes – so sue me) and gaming purposes (primarily RPGs, if you have to ask). While the G11 looks pretty simple when compared to more expensive mice out there, it’s comfortable to use for hours at a stretch and quite a surprisingly versatile peripheral once you download and install the Office Shuttle Software that turns what looks like a plain ol’ wireless mouse to Super Wireless Mouse, adding a wealth of functions that definitely justify the price point.

Like any other mouse, the buttons can be re-mapped as you choose, but the Shuttle Software lets you change DPI settings on the fly, do screen captures, add a Keyboard and/or key command shortcuts to the mouse, pop onto the internet, run any media player you’ve got installed and much more. It’s basically the Q Branch version of a mouse, which made me smile as everything works really well (save for some very slight grammar issues in a few of the feature descriptions). If you use a mouse for anything outside general computer work, you can experiment with everything in the Shuttle suite and find a use for it somewhere. I’d go as far to say that some new users may find it daunting to see a mouse that does everything here, but that’s the good thing about useful tech such as this.

Setting options to each button is quick and once you get used to holding down the left button and clicking the right to switch functions, you’ll be showing off your skills to whomever will be impressed. Granted, with all this touch-screening going on, that small crowd of impressed people may only include pets, young tech-starved kids and cranky oldsters that don’t use computers because they’re the Devil. But hey, not everyone is out there iPadding and Surfacing, so it’s great to see the common mouse get reworked into something this fun yet still basic as it gets where it counts. Even better, the Easy Wipe design allows for a smooth bottom underneath the mouse that just requires almost no maintenance, just a fast cleaning with a soft cloth every so often.

You can even synch up to three other A4 Tech wireless mice and/or keyboards (in the G3, G7, G9, G10 and G11 series) to a couple of PC’s if you have the tiny USB receiver installed on a laptop. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing the receiver because it stays connected to your portable PC. Granted, if you only carry around a tablet (you’re so cool!), you’re probably not using a mouse at all (or doing much work). But for those of us who kick it old school, it’s a neat function. There’s really nothing “bad” to report here, as the G11 works like a charm, holds a charge for about eight to ten days or so and if you need to take it with you to use on a non-linked PC, the receiver snaps into the base so you can drop it in a bag and take it with you anywhere. All it needs is a travel case, but I guess if you have a hobby that involves making cool things, there’s a project you can tackle.


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