Random Art: New Mouse Means New Trees…

in characterSo, the folks at a A4Tech sent me one of their G11-570HX-4 Wireless Mice to try out and after charging it up and doing some rather dull pointing and clicking from a few places around the room (it’s a really smooth and responsive mouse on any surface no matter how irregular) and some more exciting gaming for a bit (yes indeed, it works excellently in the games I tried it with), I decided to try it out as a drawing tool in MS Paint (see left, Sherlock!). Not bad for a quickie sketch, but I’ll see what I can do later with a few free hours to play around.

It’s definitely much better than the USB mice Ive used previously since it glides so well over the small space I usually do digital art on.  I liked the no hole design on the mouse that keeps it from trapping dust and other crap  on the lens (which can be cleaned with a cotton swab or soft cloth) The rechargeable G11 has a pretty long battery life per charge (I’ve had it for a week so far and it’s still going strong) and also has an optional downloadable office suite that adds a bunch of other functions to the mouse, but I haven’t actually downloaded it yet (Yep, I’m THAT busy these days).  Anyway, with seven buttons to play around with, 5 DPI settings and a fair price point ($32.99 or less if  you shop around), the G11 is a decently reliable mouse for everyday usage that won’t break the bank

1 thought on “Random Art: New Mouse Means New Trees…

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