Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer #2: A Few Pros & Khans

Checklist time! OK, let see now: handsome guys glowering into the camera? Check. More jumping off high places than in the first film? Check. Literally splashy CG effects all over the place? Check. Possible plot spoilers in the trailer just to get butts into seats to confirm it all (even though the obligatory script leak is coming soon?) CHECK.

OK, I’m sold, but I still have a few pesky problems. Why the Uhura smooch? What’s up with that too damn bright Enterprise Bridge? Damn thing looks like a new fast food restaurant. Can’t anyone keep the ship from getting knocked out of the sky (if that IS the Enterprise hitting the water in that impressive shot)? Is everyone running all the time because the teleporters aren’t working (again)? Did the swooning Benedict Cumberbatch fans (who seem to primarily be 15 year old girls who write some really saucy fan fiction) actually go see him in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (OK, not a Trek-related question, but I’m curious about their viewing habits). Actually, none of these are important questions at all – I’m just killing time until the next trailer comes out. I need to go re-watch the first film J.J. directed anyway, as I’ve only seen it once and I think I missed a few things…

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