THE SIMPLE Series For Wii U: The Family Party – D3 Knows Its Japanese Audience


Nope, it’s not a sign of a new console’s premature apocalypse when the budget-priced releases start popping up. In Japan, D3 Publisher is well-known as a producer and publisher of a lower-priced games lineup for a few consoles called THE SIMPLE series, so it was only a matter of time before they started getting games done and shipped for Nintendo’s new system. This one’s a compilation of 35 family friendly mini-games and I’m gathering will do well because D3 has figured out that sticking a ton of content onto a disc and getting it out during the holidays (December 20) at an affordable price point (about $30) will net them a decent profit no matter what reviewers will say. The chances of this coming out here are pretty slim, but it would be a nice surprise if it did in some form or another.

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