Melon Journey: Kind Of A Hello Kitty Episode Directed By David Lynch


Thanks to its charming tone and visuals, quirky yet descriptive writing (“He is singing a quiet song about eating vanilla ice cream in a warm room”) and low-key but catchy MIDI score, this short and sweet adventure game by users Mario & Karolina (almondmelon on the site) comes highly recommended. It can easily be completed in one sitting (about 2 hours or so) and when you’re done, you’ll wish it was a bit longer. Gameplay revolves around locating items within and around the village, which in turn nets you other items you can use or trade in order to progress further in the story. There’s a tiny bit of an Animal Crossing vibe here as well, but the game’s brevity and offbeat style makes it a bit better in my opinion. Saying more will spoil the fun, so if you like adventure games and strangeness that will make you smile, definitely make this little town your next gaming stop. Get it here and thank me later.

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