Gallery: US Sega CD/Sega Saturn Library

Or more precisely, what’s left of both after the great “I Need Money!” sell-off of a few years back. The three PAL Saturn titles I think I posted already last year, but I’m too lazy to go look up something on my own website (wow, that’s bad!)…

Anyway, While I do miss the stuff that’s gone and harder to find (and even more insanely expensive these days), I have my fingers crossed that one of these days, Sega will find a way to get some of their first-party Saturn games back into gamers’ hands in SOME reasonable manner. Oh yeah, I added in a picture of my Mega mouse just to show that the thing actually existed and yup, works fine for the games that use it. The disc-only games (which I normally don’t collect) came in a CD wallet that was part of a giant box of stuff I traded for a long time ago. All of the games worked fine, but some needed a lot of cleaning (and a bit of Perma-Spin action – that stuff is awesome!).

5 thoughts on “Gallery: US Sega CD/Sega Saturn Library

    • With the exception of some demo discs and the boxed version of NiGHTS that came with the analog pad, Every US Saturn game was indeed in a hard plastic case. Unfortunately, those stupid cases were terribly designed and are prone to damage, especially during shipping. Worse, they’re VERY hard to replace unless you happen to have bought out a store’s stock of cheap sports games and have a few empty cases left over from the piles of games you bought cheap. I should do a post about case variations one of these days, as the original PlayStation has the most changes over time in the 32-bit era (there were cardboard, plastic and cardboard, Saturn-style long cases, single and double case games in a few styles from 1995 onward)…


      • OK. it’s settled. It’s going to be a longer article than I was planning, as every CD-based system I own has cases that cause grief to collectors because of the crazy packing variations…


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