Geez. NOBODY “Owns” The Term “Indie.” So Shut It, Already, People….

Status: lightly annoyed, mostly amused, thank you much. Look, kids – Grow up, already. Independent, music, film and now games shouldn’t be pigeonholed by anyone even with the best intentions. If Notch wants to have a hissy fit about EA wanting to make money by selling independently made games it happens to publish as an “Indie” bundle, it’s his problem. Maybe he needs to play the games in the bundle first and not hate on EA for merely trying too hard to capture a part of the market that’s trending because hell, that’s what mega-corporations like EA do to make more money for themselves and their shareholders. Funny that I’m saying this, but that’s the way the system works… even at the “indie” level these days.

Of course, this whole “blame the big boys” argument that constantly turns into “they make too much money, so they suck!” has gotten old fast, especially considering SOME people who have become millionaires many times over based on their own “indie” games. There’s a lot of Kettle Black paint being sold at Home Depot, is all I’m saying…

No matter where you are in this food chain, you’re not “selling out” if your game becomes a big hit unless you somehow hate being recognized (and if you make games for free) and eventually, paid for the work you’re doing. Unless EA or any other major publisher starts calling its mainstream titles indie ( whether it be Mario, Madden, Half-Life, Call of Duty and so forth and so on), there’s nothing to see here – move along. Go play more games, co-opted “indie” or not and knock off the needless arguments over semantics, I say…

OK, that’s done. All of you The Elder Scrolls Online haters are next in my sights (tomorrow, though – I need some sleep!)


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