Total Recall Trailer: Get Your Ass To The Theater (See You At The Party)…


Confession: I’m one of those few who didn’t think the Verhoeven original was exactly a “classic” (the tri-boobed Martian hooker, excessive violence and hilarious Swazenegger one liners aside, it’s always been a weird flick to enjoy for me), so I had zero hopes for this reboot. Turns out I’m wrong again, as it looks pretty decent so far. Well, in a Fifth Element meets Minority Report kind of way. Like most of these blockbusters, I probably won’t spend a dime to see it in a theater unless it’s for a subway trip I get premiere tickets to. I can wait for the cable debut for anything these days (well, except Prometheus – that BEGS to be seen on a huge screen). Anyway, I like Colin Farell a lot as an actor, Bryan Cranston? Yup, awesome (Breaking Bad is a killer show any day of the week). The ladies? Well with Jessica Biel AND Kate Beckinsdale in this (AND fighting each other), it’ll be a fanboy’s dream flick. Me, I’m in it for the story, which I HOPE is closer to the Philip K. Dick source material. As usual (repeat after me, kids): We. Shall. See…


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