Skyrim Creation Kit Out Now For PC – Console Owners Take An Arrow To The Knee

No, I couldn’t resist the obvious joke that’s become the one thing even people who haven’t played Skyrim have seen, read or heard. Anyway, yes, if you’re a lucky PC player of Skyrim and have a ton of time on your hands, you too can create content of your own to share with other like-minded fans. Expect to see plenty of Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, assorted comic book and movie mods and more coming soon. I’m sure there’s going to be a complete conversion of the game into some older Elder Scrolls titles as well from some of the more hardcore users out there, so we’ll have to poke around at some point and peek at mods even though we’ve only played the console versions because we’ve got a crappy computer. Hey, why am I writing as a collective “we” all of a sudden. It’s late and I’m seeing double, probably…



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