Call of The Dead Promo Poster Makes Me Wonder…

This HUGE and amazing poster for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops: Escalation DLC arrived today and fooled me for a hot second as I thought it was for an actual FULL GAME. Robert Englund, Sarah Michele Gellar, Danny Trejo AND Michael Rooker in a game as zombie killers? Whaaaaaat?!! That’s a day ONE buy, Oh hell yeah!

Then I see the release date and had to feign a dropkick at my PS3 (for not getting this pack on the same day AND the current PSN debacle). My 360 is deader than a pack of blown-away flesh-eaters, so it looks like I’ll be a lonely, lonely non-undead killing fool next week (*sob!*). Ah well, there’s always the long wait for the Game of the Year Edition, I suppose…

Er… Activision? I’m sure a whole hell of a LOT of diehard COD fans, zombie fans and B-movie fans wouldn’t mind skipping yet another military-themed COD one year for a dozen or so of non-stop hours of zombie destruction with these four genre legends, a great single-player/co-op focused storyline packed with genre cliches galore, some fine multiplayer modes (YES with MORE arcade bonuses) and so forth and so on. Trust me, it’ll sell like.. er, like Call of Duty, dammit!

Oh, that’s George A. Romero as the lead zombie, in case you haven’t guessed. I’d know those over-sized thick glasses ANYWHERE.

Say, does anyone reading this (in the U.S. of A, that is) WANT this awesome poster, by the way? Shoot over a reply and I’ll see what I can do…

6 thoughts on “Call of The Dead Promo Poster Makes Me Wonder…

  1. Well, cc… the BAD news is: the poster isn't for sale. The GOOD news is, it's actually a freebie as that's how we roll around these parts. Shoot over your address to me at and I'll mail it out next week.

    Anyone else… stick around, as I've got a nice Killzone 3 item to hand off next week…


  2. UPDAAAAATE! Since I have a few folks hitting me over the head for this, I just sent off a request to see if I can nab a few more of these. I won't have an answer for a few days (as it's Saturday!), so keep your fingers, toes and any other extremities crossed 'til then…

    Meanwhile, css.. shoot over an email as requested identifying yourself, as my door is being beaten down by some COD zombies and I'm almost out of ammo and snarky responses!


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