Atlus Announces Shin Megami Tensei Persona: Digital Devil Delays Download (Saga)!

Oh Noes! Well, in case you didn’t pre-order the retail version of SMT: Persona and were hoping to look all cool sliding open your PSP GO! on the subway to play the game you downloaded early the morning of September 22… you’re in for a bit of a shock. The digital download version of the game has been slightly delayed to an October 1, 2009 launch over the PlayStation Network.

Which sort of means if you DON’T have a PSP GO!, it might make a whole lot of sense to drop by your local game emporium and snag the cool pre-order bonuses that come with the boxed version (as the press release below kind of hints at…)

While we’d previously announced that a digital version would be available at launch (on 9/22) along with the retail UMD version, it will in fact slip a few days until 10/1/09. The UMD version’s release date REMAINS UNCHANGED and will still release on 9/22.
So, to reiterate: the UMD version of SMT: Persona is still releasing, as scheduled, on 9/22/09, while the digital PSN version will slide ever so slightly until 10/1/09.
Lastly… we’ve said it a bajillion times, but we’ll say it again: the UMD version of the game comes as a special boxed collector’s edition, including 2 music CDs that feature the game’s FULL soundtrack, all at no extra cost.

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