Play It Loud/Fire Works/The Death Dealer

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I was relatively and comfortably dead asleep until 4:38:19 this morning, when a blast of very loud music woke me up. The car wash across the street was indeed, open all night and yes, I did not realize this (they’ve been open for what, almost 9 months or so since the renovation?) until that loud, thumping music kicked me out of whatever dreamworld I was inside of. I think I was likely dreaming of the news of late, as I was watching it a few hours before, all bad news and getting worse by the minute.

In case you’ve been otherwise occupied, in the US it’s kind of like this out there, but without the appropriate soundtrack. Monkey business, indeed:

(Thanks, – inTegrity –!

Oh, that music went on for over an hour through a few radio stations, which led me to believe that the person was actually very deaf and getting their car detailed or some sort of full service job that took so long. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much after that, but I did oversleep quite well, thank you much. The square block=sized hole in the ground where a new hospital complex is being slowly built can’t come soon enough, as it will surely add a few QUIET ZONE signs to the area. Which by the way, is the nicest thing I have to say about the incoming building, as it wiped out a few too many family-run shops in the area, none of which have come back or even reopened elsewhere, including a family-owned and run bakery almost everyone I’ve spoken with misses.

(Thanks, Film Movement!)

Speaking of loud… has anyone else noticed the major fireworks boom of late these past few months? A literal boom, usually kicking off as it starts getting dark and only ending a few too many hours later. I’ve been noticing in in a few neighborhoods here and it’s frustrating that one actually gets sort of used to the timing, but not the assorted distances they can be heard from. It sounded like they were coming from about two blocks away last night, but other areas were chiming in with a call and response vibe after a while. Now, I’ve stumbled across a few theories, none of which I’ll repeat here, but let’s just say something weird and shifty seems to be happening and it’s not just the usual suspects have an early 4th of July because that’s a load of money being spent to continue this and I’ve lived here too long and can’t remember people doing this so early. Well, that and most types of fireworks are technically “illegal” in NYC.

(Thanks, Mick Jagger!)

We’re still dealing with helping a relative track down some important info now that the courts are technically open but still in “We have staff, but they’re working from home” mode, which had led to a few annoyances. But other things are moving and juggling things that are is at least, simple when everything falls into place as it needs to with no interference from people who otherwise don’t really know what they’re doing and don’t help when they try because they’re going to third parties to try and rush things that need to follow a particular set of processes. *Sigh* Relatives, sometimes. Anyway, writing of more entertaining fodder will resume at some point, but this more important stuff needs to be tackled while it can be and as relatively fast and carefully as possible.

Well, that and I still need a nap after that wake up call from to earlier this morning. Sure, I overslept, but it feels now (2:04 PM) as if I’ve been awake all night. Well, I’d go take that nap, but there’s a package I need to mail. as I see from the email that something just sold on eBay and I got paid pronto. Off to pack and ship, but I’ll be back.

Oh, and wear a dang mask, please.



2 thoughts on “Play It Loud/Fire Works/The Death Dealer

  1. A few questions and comments:
    1) A 24-hour car wash? Who the hell needs a car wash at 3:00 am?
    2) Fireworks? Could it be something else that makes a loud popping sound, fired from a device held in one’s hand?
    3) And speaking of weird and shifty sounds, have you heard of the mysterious worldwide hum? I think it’s more of screech, but maybe it explains the sounds YOU’RE hearing:


    • 1) That’s what I said when that music started blasting away.
      2) Oh nope, it’s been fireworks for weeks. You can even see them going off in a few areas (just look up and see all those light show sparks and colors) and sure, they do sound like gunfire or downtown Beirut in the older days.
      3) I haven’t noticed a hum here, but other people I’ve spoken to have said they’ve been hearing weird noises occasionally.

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