2016: A Package Odyssey (Day One)


So. How’s your Monday going? Good? Good.

Mine has been… interesting so far.

(Thanks, Sunshine Jack!)

Quiet. We’ll get back to you in a bit…

Anyway, this morning I popped up at 7:08am, made a pot of coffee and had a cup before popping out to the post office. Hey, I’d rather be home and dry writing up reviews, but you know how it goes when you need to go track down that thing you need to play games with so you can write those reviews, right?

Math time: rainy Monday + post office packed before 9am with cranky patrons + SUPER slow inquiry window = Yeah, it’s a Monday, all right. At 9:21am (I was fourth in line), the unusually nice guy at the window sees the tracking info on my phone that shows my refused box being refused at the hub station and my address and without missing a beat, says “Oh. It looks like someone pushed the wrong button on their tracker down at the other location, so your package got returned…”

Uh huh, I seeeee.

Wait, what?

Someone. Pushed. The. Wrong. Button…

Oh, you mean like this?:


(Thanks, atomcentral!)


I found that hard to believe, but the clerk did take a required trip to the back to poke around and see if somehow, my new PS4 was hiding in a corner under a blanket or something. Nope. I was told to “wait a few more days” in case the box miraculously turns up and if it didn’t appear by then (when?), to come back in to speak to a supervisor. Once again, Koei Tecmo aids my cause in helping explain my mood for the day with an upcoming game that I can’t play BECAUSE MY PS4 IS STILL MISSING!



So, rather than blow my stack at the nice guy at the inquiry window, I managed to re-bottle that angry djinn and amble home in the rain for a second cup of coffee and laser-eyeballing a nearby wall. I’ve already spoken to the seller, who’s on the lookout for the package should it actually return, but I have no qualms about getting a refund via PayPal if this goes any further south. I mean, come on, now. I do have work to catch up on and no more money to burn re-buying consoles. I had to do that with my STILL missing PS3 and that cost me more than I’d liked to have spent because I bought a boxed one (same launch model) that was barely used, but came with a nice silver Dual Shock 4 instead of the weak pack-in Sixaxis. Now, I don’t have my ten years of save data anymore thanks to Phill Katz being a total unreliable “Repair King” as well as a bit of a jerk in not bothering to respond to my communication attempts. FEH.



No, you stupid computer. I’d LOVE to, but I’m just not in the mood at the moment, grrrr!



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