You Win Some, You Lose More…

NOT actually what happened, but a little humor is needed here, so:

(Thanks, MrAnimeGodx!)

So, yeah. I’m still in a rotten mood from having my PS4 go missing before it reached my hot little hands, but at least I know the thief works for USPS and they need to do some housekeeping that involves someone losing their job and warming a cold bunk in a prison cell. Still, it’s going to be a stupid as hell Monday going down to the branch here with my tracking number to ask how the hell was driving that truck last week or who the hell at the hub where mail is sorted and went out thought they could get away with their plan. Anyway, I’ve been trying hard to enjoy the rest of my weekend, but it’s not working much…

I’m not a violent person. But Al… well I can’t vouch for Al… (NSFW)

(Thanks, Farber!)

My brain is half burning with Hulk-like rage and half worn out thanks to this being the SECOND system of mine to go disappear with the criminal in easy reach since May, but me having to be calm, normal and let the law legally sloth its way to too-obvious outcomes. I’m still face-palming myself about the phone call I got a few months back from an officer in regards to my vanished PS3. She just rang me up to see how I was doing (lousy, thank you very much) and if I had filed any sort of mail fraud paperwork on the guy (yes, I did) along with some other stuff that was useless in actually making me feel as if any effort I was making was going to mean much. Grrrrrr. I ended up angrier after that call than ‘d been in a while, but I still respect the good cops out there doing what they do 24-7.

Still, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. The seller has an eyeball peeled in case the box returns and I still have time to get a refund. However, my money back STILL means the USPS has an internal theft issue that needs to be fixed but good. If I’m the nut to help get one ass off the street, so be it. Reviews and stuff will be a bit delayed while this gets sorted out, which should hopefully NOT take very long. My nuclear clock is inching close to midnight and I’d like to keep it below that for a few good reasons…

And let’s not EVEN go getting Jules upset (NSFW!):


(Thanks, Zok116!)


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