If I Had a Hammer (I’d Hit Myself On the Head) Redux

Feh. This past week or so has been a bit too insane partially thanks to more apartment repairs disrupting the daily routine. I didn’t sleep at all Monday night thanks to moving stuff around the apartment (and writing up a game review), so I was passed out by noon Tuesday with a Blu-Ray playing (yes, you should buy this) and a cup of coffee I somehow managed not to spill a drop of. It’s pretty hilarious to wake up all bleary-eyed with a cup of coffee in your hand a guy working on your wall about ten feet away and a subtitled Japanese movie playing. I think the poor plasterer was trying to figure out if I spoke the language or how I could watch a movie with my eyes closed, but I like to confuse people whenever I can. Mission accomplished!

Well, not really…

The stupidly amusing thing is during this newest set of fixes, the new (and harder working because he’s wearing glasses and carries a clipboard) inspector pops in today as the living room is being worked on to check out the back bedroom closet that had just been plastered yesterday and noted that (yep!) the wall needed to come down so that leaky pipe that’s been a problem for over 20 years can FINALLY be replaced. I think I broke something laughing, but I wasn’t sure because I was in the process of making a pot of coffee and thought I was hallucinating before my first cup. And now, a word from our sponsor. Nope, I’ve no particular political affiliation, but all things considered… it’s a fitting quote.

Anyway, the long national nightmare is over (well, in terms of the formerly ongoing leak issue – politics is another story and I’m not saying anything on that front). Well, it will be next Monday when that just-repaired wall goes down hard. I hope that new inspector has told the painters coming tomorrow they only need to paint three rooms and not the four that were worked on. Wouldn’t want that nice new coat of paint to go to waste a few days later, right? My money says the painters show up and do the damn closet anyway just because they get confused when they have to alter what’s on the work order. Hey, it’s their time and I won’t stop them other than to note that they’ll be back sooner than they think because that back room closet wall they just painted is going to need a bit of a touch-up.

Okay, back to figuring out when I can get this place back in some sort of order. Walking around stuff out of place is kind of a pain and I know my poor plants aren’t doing well in their new temporary spots. Well, at least there are some peppers popping up from one plant from all that heat here. I may get a post or two up later, as there’s a lot going on, my backlog is kicking me to get back to it and I do need to get out into that cold, cold air at some point just so I can get more exercise because that wacky (and bizarrely designed) sitNcycle I got as a gag gift just isn’t cutting it.


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