Playmates Has Your All-Season TMNT Solution Wrapped Up Nicely

TNMT Power Sound DFX Donatello CG 

Clever, Playmates, clever – making those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Power Sound FX Combat Gear sets (MSRP $19.99, ages 4 and up) arrive just in time for not only Halloween, but in more than enough time for Christmas gift-giving. Leo, Mikey, Raph, and Donnie’s Battle Gear are all available now and combined with a few of Playmates other cool TMNT items, make for excellent costume enhancers (or can double for actual costumes if the weather is warm and the kids don’t want to sweat it out in full regalia).

(Thanks, TMNTToys!) 

Add in the Deluxe Role Play Shell (MSRP $14.99), one of the Deluxe Masks (MSRP $15.99), and maybe a set or two of those short range Walkie Talkies (MSRP $19.99) so everyone can keep in touch (although you’ll only be a few feet maximum from your pack, right? Good.) and you’re good to go for some quality trick or treating. If you’ve got one kid who’s a big TMNT fan, picking out his or her favorite Turtle should be pretty easy going. On the other hand, if you’re the proud parent of a small brood that just so happens to number between two and four, things could get slightly tricky if the kids tend to like the same turtles and get a little cranky if they can’t all be the one they like. Below the jump is a quick and fun solution to that issue.

Well, after a bit more make-believe fun with that Combat Gear in action:

(Thanks, TMNTToys!)

All you do is gather up the kids and make the picking process into a game. A bit of discussion about sharing and role playing different characters followed by putting the name of each Turtle on a slip of paper, dropping those name into a hat, bag or other container and letting each kid pick who’s going to be who should work wonderfully. Of course, if someone has to be Shredder, I’d say that’s your job as a parent to play the bad guy. Not out of costume, of course! Speaking of “of course!”, you’ll of course want to keep very up to date on what else Playmates has in store, correct? Well, let’s set you up with that right away:






Back with MORE Turtles stuff in a bit – there’s some really fun toys coming from Playmates the kids will love (as will you if you’re a collector of all things TMNT).

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