“Book ’em, Danno!”: Wednesday’s Read’s A Memory Maker

BookCulture AWHey, if you invite me to an event and I just so happen to like what you do, I tend to show up.  Which was a good thing for me as I found a nice new book shop to poke my head and feet into and got to meet the world famous maybe should be in some sorta documentary about her long walk author Andra Watkins who talked about her new book Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace, which you should go out and buy and READ. Well, after you read her other novel, To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis.

That first book was inspired by this one, which I haven’t yet read, but realized I’d heard of and know someone who has a copy and has yet to read it. A borrower I shall be, it would seem. Anyway, the main purpose of her book tour is to get readers to make a memory with someone they know and soon. We all tend to get busy-busy and otherwise occupied with life and too often, overlook making real connections with those we know (or should know better). For all the “social” aspects of modern internet use, you really aren’t making a human connection if you live out your entire existence online.

BookCulture AW (4)These days, I’m more annoyed at all the constant pressure to make things “hot” and “trending” and whatever else the short attention spanners crave before they move on to whatever cat videos and latest cute disasters they can blab about on social media. So I guess I should focus away from most of that (I’m more than halfway there already) and think about doing something more interesting with the rest of this short life than be an accurate curmudgeon about the current state of the internet (which is sadly not going to change anytime soon unless more people realize how vapid it’s become).

BookCulture AW 6 

If you’re in one of the areas on this list on the dates on that list, I saw you should go see Andra speak about her book. It’s a fun, funny and inspiring bit of chat that just might get you thinking about making some memories of your own with someone special (or not so special). Maybe you’ll luck out and see Roy or MTM (Andra’s husband) at one of her interactive talks. Neither was here this time, but you can feel both of them in the room when she mentions them. TO me, that’s one of the marks of a great author. Hmmm, this post is turning into a novella, so I’ll stop here and head back home.

See you fine folks tomorrow.

2 thoughts on ““Book ’em, Danno!”: Wednesday’s Read’s A Memory Maker

  1. Thanks so much for making the trek to Book Culture!! I loved meeting you in person. I hope you enjoy this Big Roy tale. I do reference video games in the book, and I thought of you when I wrote what I wrote about them. 🙂


    • I was going to say it’s too bad Roy’s not an author, but in reading the book, you’ve captured him perfectly to the point that I can “hear” him on those pages. 😀


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