Sunday, Bloody (Dull, But Not Quite) Sunday…

Well, it’s one of those Sundays where any major motivation went saaaaaailing out the window thanks to a lack of sleep. I blame Tales of Xillia 2 because I’m forging through it to get a review up, the crazy P.T. demo on the PS4 (thank you, Mr. Kojima!) as well as the soon to be released horror movie MOEBIUS for scaring my pants off (little in joke there – you’ll get it when you see this icky fright flick) and some rather stupid download issues with a couple of games I also need to review (it’s as if the entire borough is in some sort of slow time bubble in terms of finding a speedy connection anywhere!). Well, this week is going to be busy even if all that stuff above was done, but now I have to step on the gas a little more and hope today’s progress makes for a fun to read pile of articles.

Back in a bit. I’ve a bit of creative world-ending to take care of, now that I’ve got some coffee in me. Back in a bit (or tomorrow, whichever arrives first)…


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