Wrandom Wramblings On A Weary Wednesday…

WWI The Big Parade0. I’m part of ANOTHER fine and dandy Blogathon this year! Movies, Silently is hosting a World War I-themed collection of movie-related posts about The Great War and there are a nice lot of writers participating. I picked two classics to write about for this event, 1925’s The Big Parade (which I believe just may be the first ever silent film I’ll be reviewing on DAF!) and from 1966, The Blue Max.

For the record, I liked one film a great deal better than the other, but you’ll have to be kept in SUSPENSE (!) and wait a bit to find out which one is my favorite…

1. Epson has some cool surprises in store for you (and it’s not just some cool new printers and projectors either). That’s all I’ll say for now (embargoes, embargoes!)…

2. Sharknado 2: The Second One is terrible and more so than the first film because it’s TOO aware of its cheesiness to the point that the planned “shock” moments that turn into pre-commercial tweet fodder (complete with recent tweets shown on screen) make watching the film more annoying than it needs to be. Still, the ridiculous amount of cameos, some ONLY a New Yorker would appreciate (Judd Hirsch as a taxi driver? Okay, that’s amusing) make it worth watching. Oh, and Robert Klein is in the film, but only as part of a crowd scene. Boo for a wasted opportunity for a REALLY good joke (“I can’t feel my leg!”).

3. I have a Namco Bandai event to attend tomorrow bright and early, so I’ll be off to that and back to post a few impressions later in the day (more likely early evening). There’s a lot of fun stuff to see, but we’ll see what sort of embargoes are in play before I say more…

4. Abyss Odyssey, Rainbow Moon and One Piece Unlimited Warriors Red have been eating up my time lately. That long Diablo III run I did yesterday was to get me away from those games for a bit. I think this weekend I’ll camp out in front of the computer and not get up until I’ve a review or two written.

5. Wait. WHY do we need a Warcraft movie again? Seriously. Oh well, I guess someone will pay to see this. Even if it’s a “great” film, this particular game series REALLY didn’t need to be made into a major motion picture. Oh well.

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