Monday Happened To Me BEFORE Monday. No Fair!

Bleh. So, last night I’m working on the laptop on a few things (some stuff to complete and post today) when I notice my battery indicator flashing while the laptop is plugged in. A quick check revealed the stupid power adapter/charger had a busted wire, which I didn’t notice and had me wondering what the heck happened. I figure it was someone in the library a few days back, either the kid running around who hit the table and knocked the power supply to the floor or the cranky lady with her own laptop that may have yanked out my cord and not hers by mistake when she was fumbling around packing up her crap. I was busy writing, but I heard some stuff being unplugged (she was using three of the four outlets under the table) and her mutter “sorry” to no one at some point, so I’m gathering it was me she was apologizing to for pulling something she shouldn’t have. Oh, quite you there in the back! Mind in the gutter, I say!

(thanks, stevensonjohn964!)

Anyway, I’m home of the chuggy connection, so updates will be slim to slimmer until the replacement adapter shows up. At least the GOOD news here is it only cost me about eleven dollars with shipping to replace the power supply, as prices have dropped on OEM parts for this old computer. About a year or so back, I was looking at paying almost four times as much for the same item. So perhaps I should thank Lady Cranky if I ever see her in the library again, but I think I’ll just sit somewhere else or else I’ll be needing to buy up a bunch of replacements and sticking them in a closet here…

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